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Welcome to Young America Realty!

Thank you for your interest in our property! Please read and complete all information sections provided. If you have any questions, contact us immediately. Our on campus department can be reached at (309) 454-2338 or

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Parent (Guardian) Information - REQUIRED

For student leases, THIS INFORMATION IS REQUIRED so Young America has your permenant address and parent information on file. Parental guarantees necessary to split joint liability will NOT be mailed unless this information is provided.
No Parent (Guardian) Information - REQUIRED provided.

Other Information


I have read, agree and affirm that all of my statements and information provided in this application are true and complete. I acknowledge that false, undisclosed, incomplete or misleading information herein may constitute grounds for rejection of this application, termination of right of occupancy of all residents and occupants under a lease and/or forfeiture of deposits and fees, and may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of this state.

I understand that this application is preliminary only and does not bind you to execute a Lease or to deliver possession of the premises to me. I authorize you to contact any references listed above and to obtain consumer reports, which may include credit, rental payment and/or eviction history and criminal background information about me and in order to verify the above information. I understand that as my prospective landlord, any co-applicants, occupants, or guarantors that may be added to this application may need to consent to and successfully pass consumer background screening reports.

By agreeing, I authorize you to obtain subsequent consumer reports, including credit reports, to ensure that I continue to satisfy the terms of my tenancy, for the collection and recovery of any financial obligations relating to my tenancy, or for any other permissible purpose. Further, if I have included information on co-applicants, other adult household members, and/or guarantors on this application, I affirm that those individuals have knowledge of their inclusion on this application and expressly authorize you to obtain subsequent consumer reports, including credit reports. I understand that you may report all positive and negative rental payment history to consumer reporting agencies who track this information for landlords, mortgage companies and other creditors. I and all occupants or guarantors hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information.

I authorize Young America Realty to contact me by all avenues provided, including but not limited to email, text message, and mobile phone.

I understand that a leasing agent that may show me a property or discuss lease related details with me. I understand that this person is an employee of Young America Realty, Inc. and acts as their agent only. I understand this person is not acting as my agent, but as an agent of Young America Realty, Inc. and the owners it represents.


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