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*Note Applications will not be processed until the application fee has been paid on the page that is to follow.

I hereby give my permission to communicate with my current and former landlord or property manager for the purpose of discussing any and all of the facts and circumstances of my current or former tenancy, as well as the other information listed above. I also give my permission to communicate with my current employer(s) and/or supervisor(s) for the purpose of verifying the employment information listed above. I understand there are no limitations or restrictions regarding what may be discussed or revealed. I am aware that a credit history, eviction search and criminal background check will be done in conjunction with my application. I understand that I may have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time to receive additional, detailed information about the nature and scope of this investigation.

Application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Upon approval of the application a security deposit is required in consideration for the owner taking the property off the market. If application is approved and the Applicant fails to sign a lease for said property, the Applicant's Security Deposit shall be forfeited to the owner.

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