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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to reserve an apartment with a deposit, Click Here to open the window that will allow you to do that when you are finished here. Otherwise, you can bring your deposit to our office at your convenience, or submit it through our website by clicking the "Send Money" icon.  An apartment is not reserved until a deposit is received.  

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I (Applicant) have read, agree and affirm that all of statements and information provided in this application are true and complete. Applicant acknowledges that false, undisclosed, incomplete or misleading information herein may constitute grounds for rejection of this application, termination of right of occupancy of all residents and occupants under a lease and/or forfeiture of deposits and fees, and may constitute a criminal offense under the laws of this state.

In connection with this Application, if Applicant makes deposit and/or pays the application fee, Reverie Estates will apply the Deposit in accordance with the provisions set forth below, and the application fee is a non-refundable processing fee that will not be refunded. Upon receipt of this Application, the Deposit, and the Application Fee; Reverie Estates will set aside and reserve the apartment for Applicant (on a first come first serve basis). Upon acceptance of this Application, the Deposit shall be retained as part of the Security Deposit. When approved and accepted, Applicant agrees to execute a lease for at least 12 months (unless otherwise negotiated) before possession is given, or the Deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages in payment for the agent's time and effort in processing this inquiry and application, including holding the apartment and making necessary investigation of Applicant's credit, character, and reputation. If this application is not approved, the deposit will be refunded, the applicant thereby waiving any claim for damages by reason of non-acceptance.

Applicant authorizes Reverie Estates to contact previous landlord(s), employer(s), and reference(s) that were given in this application. Applicant also authorizes Reverie Estates to obtain consumer reports, which may include credit, rental payment and/or eviction history and criminal background information. Further, if Applicant has included information on co-applicants, other adult household members, and/or guarantors on this application, Applicant affirms that those individuals have knowledge of their inclusion on this application and expressly authorized Reverie Estates to obtain subsequent consumer reports, including credit reports. Applicant understands that Reverie Estates may report all positive and negative rental payment history to consumer reporting agencies who track this information for landlords, mortgage companies and other creditors. Applicant and all occupants or guarantors hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. Lastly, the above information, to the best of the Applicant's knowledge, is true and correct.


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