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Tenant Application Form

Welcome to REAL Star Property Management, LLC!


Thank you for your interest in our property. Please read and complete all sections of the application. Please note the following about the application process:

  • We ask for an application from each adult over 18 who will be staying in the home. The application fee is $35 PER adult and is non-refundable.
    - Additional adult applicants
    can be added under the “Other Applicants and Adult Household Members” section below.
    - Please list all minors who will be living in the home under “Other Information” section below. There are no application fees for children under 18 years old.

  • We accept applications on homes until we have a signed lease. Please call the office to inquire about the status of the home BEFORE submitting your application.

  • Applicants are required to view the home before we can approve you and sign a lease agreement. If you are out of town, you are welcome to have a trusted friend or family member view the home for you.

  • Applications typically take 2 business days to process. The leasing agent will contact you once the application has been processed.

  • We may have other applications pending for any property that is listed "For Rent". We accept applications on homes until a lease is signed.

  • Please be sure to submit your application at your earliest convenience to be considered for your first-choice property. Applications are typically processed in 2 business days.

  • If your application is not selected for your first-choice property, you may still use it for ANY other listed property in the next 90 days




If you have any questions, please contact us at or (254) 935-2392.

To review our privacy policy, click here. To review our tenant selection criteria, click here.


The application fee is based on the number of contacts you list on the application. The total application fee will be displayed on the next page.


Application Service Fee: $3.00

Personal Info



No Employment provided.

Other Adult Applicants/Household Members

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Other Information


You have submitted an application to lease a property with REAL Star Property Management. By signing below, you agree to the following:

Unless you and REAL Star Property Management enter into a separate written agreement otherwise, the property remains on the market until a lease is signed by all parties. You understand and agree that this application is preliminary only and does not bind REAL Star Property Management to execute a lease or to deliver possession of the premises to you. REAL Star Property Management may continue to show the property to other prospective tenants and accept other applications for the property until a lease agreement is executed.

REAL Star Property Management maintains a privacy policy that is available upon request.

All adults over the age of 18 listed on this application must submit a $35 non-refundable application fee to REAL Star Property Management for processing and reviewing this application.

Signing this application indicates that you have had the opportunity to review REAL Star Property Management's tenant selection criteria, which is available upon request. The tenant selection criteria may include factors such as criminal history, credit history, current income, and rental history.
You understand that providing inaccurate or incomplete information is grounds for rejection of this application and forfeiture of any application fee, and may be grounds to declare you in breach of any lease that you may have signed.
You represent that the statements in this application are true and complete.

You give your permission:
- To your current and former employers to release any information about your employment history and income history to REAL Star Property Management;
- To your current and former landlords to release any information about your rental history to REAL Star Property Management;
- To your current and former mortgage lenders on property that you own or have owned to release any information to the REAL Star Property Management;
- To your bank, savings and loan, or credit union to provide a verification of funds that you have on deposit to REAL Star Property Management;
- To REAL Star Property Management to obtain a copy of your consumer report (credit report) from any consumer reporting agency and to obtain background information about you.
- To REAL Star Property Management to contact you via phone call, email, and/or text message.
- Personal information gathered from consumer reports may be shared with all adult applicants that will be on the lease.

If you have included information on co-applicants, other adult household members, and/or guarantors/co-signers on this application, you affirm that those individuals have knowledge of their inclusion on this application and expressly authorize REAL Star Property Management to obtain subsequent consumer reports, including credit reports. You understand that REAL Star Property Management may report all positive and negative rental payment history to consumer reporting agencies who track this information for landlords, mortgage companies, and other creditors. You and all co-applicants, other adult household members, and/or guarantors/co-signers listed on this application hereby release from all liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information.


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