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Application Procedure

Fill out the application completely and accurately.  Please complete your housing and employment history, including names and telephone numbers.  If this application is not complete, one telephone call will be placed to the applicant to obtain the information in order to further the process.  If this call does not provide the needed information, rejection may be based upon an incomplete application.  Falsification or withholding of information is grounds for denial.

Please list all sources of income.  Applicants must demonstrate an ability to pay the monthly rent.  Employment references may be checked to verify income.  If an applicant receives an income subsidy, the applicant must provide verification when turning in the completed application.  If an applicant does not demonstrate the ability to pay the monthly rent, a co-signer may be required to guarantee the financial obligations of the lease.

A credit check will be conducted.  Poor credit does not always result in application disapproval, however it may be a factor used in processing an application, and may be grounds for disapproval.  If you expect your credit report to be substandard, discuss it with us prior to completing this application.  A rental history check will be conducted on your application.  Partners Real Estate manages properties owned by various property owners.  Each owner may have different acceptable qualifications for tenancy.  Partners Real Estate rents to applicants in the order that their applications are approved.  We will contact you after your application has been processed. 

Application for the following unit/address:
Unit A
8501 Shrub Court #A
Anchorage,  AK 99504
Type: Duplex
Total Area: 1656 Sq Ft
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.5
Rent: $1,695.00 / Month
Deposit: $1,695.00
Available: 05/01/2017
Desired Move-in Date:

The application fee is based on the number of contacts you list on the application. The total application fee will be displayed on the next page.


Application Service Fee: $5.00

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Prior Residence(s)



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Other Applicants and Adult Household Members

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Lease Guarantor Applicants

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Other Information


$35 per applicant will be submitted with this application to cover costs of running the application. This application fee is non-refundable.

Upon notification of approval, you have 24 hours to sign the lease; at least one half of the security & pet deposit is due at the time the lease is signed.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand this application, and all information that has been submitted, including the information listed on this application, is true and correct. I understand that all application information and materials are being relied upon in application processing and are a pre-condition to approval by Partners Real Estate. Any false statements or omissions are grounds for immediate application rejection, or further termination of any lease signed pursuant to this application. I hereby authorize management to conduct routine housing references, employment verification, criminal background checks, public records checks, financial reference investigations, and to obtain and rely on credit agency reports for the purpose of processing this application. I understand and acknowledge that my performance under any lease agreement I may enter into with the landlord may be reported to such credit-reporting agency, and authorize management to obtain my credit report for the purpose of collecting any amounts due pursuant to any future lease agreement with the landlord.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand the lease that will be in effect for this property.

I give permission to all of my creditors and to any credit bureau to provide Partners Real Estate and Brandon Thorud with any information relating to credit worthiness.

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