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Application Process


Please be advised that applications can not be processed unless they are complete and all requested documents are presented. All Adult Household Members and any Lease Guarantor (cosigner) - will need to complete a separate application, and will go through the same application process as the primary tenant, including application fees, credit checks, etc.

* Completed & signed application for each adult (18 years of age and older)
Paper copy or submitted online (this form); must include your Social Security Number.

* A non-refundable application fee of $35.00 per applicant (paid in money order, check, or cashiers check. We do not take Credit Cards). Your application can be assigned to any property in our inventory for 90 days without a new application fee.

* Income Verification (e.g. copy of current paystub showing YTD earnings, letter of hire, or tax returns. If self-employed, please provide last three months bank statements).

* Copy of Drivers License, state issued photo ID, Government ID or Passport

* We may require a Release of Information Authorization form (part of the print application or available from our office) if your landlord requires your permission before disclosing details of your tenancy.

* The Security Deposit will hold the property for you for 3 business days while you are working out the details of your lease agreement (we will continue to advertise the property and show it to prospective tenants to build a wait-list). Should you not sign a lease during this time, your deposit will be refunded to you in full. (Note: must be paid by cash, cashiers check, or money order. Can be given to leasing agent or brought into our offices. Unfortunately, we can not accept Credit Cards)

If you do not submit a security deposit for the property, should someone with a stronger application apply or should someone else bring in a security deposit on the same property, your application is subject to being considered as a back-up. Security deposits will be deposited in our trust upon receipt but will be fully refundable until a lease is signed.

Documents, scans, and photos can be sent to, or faxed to (505) 872-1570. Please include the name of the property in which you are interested in the subject line, along with your full name. Thank you!

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