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Incomplete applications will not be processed. If the application is incomplete, our staff will make one telephone call to the applicant in an attempt to obtain the information needed to complete the application. If that call does not provide the needed information, the incomplete application may not be processed, and will thereby be deemed to be rejected. All approved applicants are required to provide proof of identity, in a form acceptable to management.


HOUSING: Applicants must be able to provide a successful rental payment history. Applicants will be automatically denied if they if they have any type of an eviction within the last ten (10) years or have left owing a previous landlord money.

Applicants must have a successful rental history. Satisfactory housing history does not include time residing in student housing, or residing with parents or relatives. Anyone who does not receive an acceptable reference from a previous or current landlord based on disturbances, loud noisy behavior, unauthorized pets, patterns of late payments, patterns of complaints or police calls, failure to properly terminate a prior lease, threatening other persons, damage to an apartment or other reasons will be denied.

CREDIT: Credit checks are completed through Equifax and Colonial Property Management will rely on credit history and credit scoring in evaluating the application. Anyone with unpaid debts or late payments on the credit check may be denied. Negative credit reports will be denied and WE DO NOT ACCEPT GUARANTORS FOR APPLICANTS WITH UNFAVORABLE CREDIT. We adhere to all applicable privacy laws and information will be kept confidential.

CONVICTION RECORD: An applicant’s application will automatically be denied if applicant(s) have a history, or conviction, or have been sentenced or released from prison or jail for any of the following reasons, which are not intended to be an exclusive list of reasons for a refusal to rent:

1. Disturbance of Neighbors
2. Destruction of or Criminal damage to property
3. Drug Related Criminal Activity
4. Criminal Activity involving violence to persons or property
5. Registered or Convicted Sex Offender

INCOME: Applicants are required to provide verified income of two (2) times the rent. Verification may be required by verbal or written employers statements, bank statements, tax returns, or other legal documents.  A co-signer may be required to guarantee the financial obligations of the lease. A co-signer will only be allowed if applicant is in good standing with creditors.


Applicant(s) will be denied if they misrepresent any information on this application.  If misrepresentations are found after a rental agreement (lease) is signed, the applicant’s tenancy will be terminated.  Colonial Management, LLC reserves the right to ask for additional information if needed.

AUTOMATIC DENIAL (including but not limited to, the following):

1.	Any type of Eviction with the last 10 years
2. Poor Landlord references
3. Owes money to a Landlord
4. Falsification of Information
5. Registered/Convicted D.O.C. Sex Offender
6. Bankruptcy in the past 5 years
7. Foreclosure in the past 5 years




If applicant’s application is approved, the applicant must sign the lease within 24 -hours of acceptance or their application may become null and void and Colonial Property Management, LLC will process the next application in line.   Current Tenants may or may not have the right to renew first, if a new lease has not yet been signed.

Maximum persons per unit: two (2) persons allowed per bedroom.

CREDIT CHECK FEE: must be received with each application before Colonial Property Management, LLC can process the application.Each Applicant and Co-signer will be required to pay a fee of $19.00 (non refundable) when they submit their application(s) to be processed.  This is a fee to cover the cost involved in running the background-credit check.  Payment can be made by cash, check or money order.

SECURITY DEPOSIT is due in full at the lease signing.

FIRST MONTH’S RENT must be PAID-IN-FULL at the apartment check-in or before.  No keys will be given for an apartment until the security deposit and first month’s rent are paid in full.


COLONIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability, and all other classes protected under state and local laws.

Colonial Management, LLC must have a completed application for each adult (18 years of age or older) who will be living in the residence.  All requested information must be completed (including unit applying for) and the disclosure form must be signed and returned with the $19.00 Credit Check Fee, before the application will be processed.


The application fee is based on the number of contacts you list on the application. The total application fee will be displayed on the next page.


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Other Applicants and Adult Household Members

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The FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT requires that COLONIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC notify that as part of our normal procedure a routine inquiry will be made. This inquiry will provide applicable information character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living and will include a CREDIT BUREAU REPORT.

NOTICE: You may obtain information about the sex offender registry and persons registered with the registry by contacting the WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS at or at 1-877-234-0085.

By selecting "I Agree and affirm all of above" and clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the Application, I acknowledge that I have read and understand all of the above information.


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