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Welcome to Chattanooga Property Management

Thank you for your interest in our property! We look forward to helping you get into your new home!

We want you to have a positive experience with Chattanooga Property Management, so if you have not yet reviewed our qualifying criteria (including info regarding pets, roommates income requirements, etc), please CLICK HERE to review that information prior to submitting your application. Remember that the application fee is non-refundable, so be sure you have all of your questions answered prior to submitting the application.

Please thoroughly read and fully complete all sections of the application. We cannot process incomplete paperwork.


You may email, fax, mail or hand-deliver this information to us. To email the info to us, CLICK HERE.

We make every effort to process your application within 24 hours, however, occasionally we run into delays for various reasons (usually we are awaiting a landlord verification to be returned to us). If we have any difficulty in obtaining the information we require, we may contact you for assistance in acquiring it.

You will be contacted by the leasing office on the status of your application when it is complete. If you have not heard from our office within 24 hours (not counting weekends), please call 423-208-9444 for assistance.

Thank you ~ we look forward to a great tenancy ahead!

The application fee is based on the number of contacts you list on the application. The total application fee will be displayed on the next page.


Application Service Fee: $3.00

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I/we hereby make application for a property and certify that this information is correct. I/we authorize you to contact any references that I/we have listed. I/we also authorize you to obtain my/our consumer credit report from your credit reporting agency, which will appear as an inquiry on my/our consumer credit file.

A non-refundable processing charge is payable with this application. I/we understand that the processing charge will not be refunded under any circumstances or applied to any monies due for security deposit, rent or other charges. Processing charges are $30.00 for each applicant, co-applicant or co-signer. ALL parties age 18 or over who plan to occupy the residence or co-sign for an occupant shall be required to submit an application. NO checks accepted for application fees. Acceptance is dependent upon each applicant meeting individual qualifying criteria, as well as a collective approval of all applicants for a specific property. Whenever possible, applications shall be processed within 24 hours, except for weekends or holidays.

I/we understand that other applications may be pending at any given time for the same property I/we am/are applying for. Applications shall be processed in the order received. Approvals shall be communicated via email and/or telephone, and applicant will be requested to immediately secure the property, and remove it from the active rental market, by remitting the reservation fee for said property. Failure to do so shall result in the subsequently approved applicant being offered the property by meeting the same terms.

Should I/we be approved to lease the subject property, I/we will be asked to deliver specified reservation fee upon approval notification to remove property from the available rental market. NO checks or cash accepted for reservation fee. My/our lease and obligation to pay rent must begin no more than the specified number of days shown below after payment of reservation fee or property ready date (whichever is later):

Feb thru Mar held no more than 14 days
Apr thru Sep held no more than 7 days
Oct thru Jan held no more than 21 days

Should I/we fail to take possession of property within specified number of days as stipulated, due to any reason not attributable to Lessor, reservation fee shall be deemed non-refundable and forfeited to Lessor as liquidated damages. I/we understand that this application shall become a part of my/our lease agreement.

In connection with my/our application for residence at aforementioned property, I/we hereby authorize any consumer agency, current and previous employers, current and former landlords, law enforcement agency, any check authorization agency, state employment security agency, personal and credit references to release all information any of them may have about me/us to Chattanooga Property Management via phone, email, credit reporting agency or other means. I/we hereby release all of these parties from any liability in connection with release of such information. I/we also authorize the credit reporting agency to use data contained in my application for residence for demographic or other types of studies or reports.

A facsimile or other copy of this authorization shall be sufficient for release by aforesaid parties.

I/we have submitted a non-refundable fee of $30.00 per applicant to process my/our application for residence. I/we understand that this sum is not a rental payment or deposit and will not be refunded even if my/our application is denied or cancelled by me/us after submission.

This authorization continues in effect until the end of my/our occupancy of the premises leased from Chattanooga Property Management, or until all outstanding monies are paid in full by me/us, whichever is longer, unless limited by state law, in which case the authorization form continues in effect for the maximum period allowed by law.

Keys shall not be released until such time as lease and related documents have been signed and all move-in sums due have been paid.


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